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Cedarwood Comb

Cedarwood Comb


100% Cedarwood. 100% Handmade.

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Now you can truly tame your mane with one of our genuine cedarwood combs! Every comb is made completely by hand right here in Mississippi from the individual selection of the cedar wood to the cutting and sanding of each tooth.This comb will glide right through your hair or beard especially after you’ve applied some of our Mississippi Mane beard oil!

Why do we use wood?

A wooden comb may seem antiquated, but plastic combs can cause static build-up, which leads to a frizzy, fluffy beard. That doesn’t look good, right? Wooden combs do not cause static build-up and are also better at distributing your hair’s natural oils (or beard oil) throughout each strand. The wider teeth on the ends of our comb provide structural stability and the length of our comb’s teeth should be able to handle the burliest of beards.

These combs aren’t mass-produced on some factory line overseas. Each piece of wood we choose to work with has its own unique characteristics and natural variations, so the one you receive may look slightly different than the one pictured. Combing after applying beard oil or Butter Balm is the preferable method as this is the easiest way to detangle and remove knots. Also, the beard oil or balm will help keep the natural luster in both your beard and comb.

Size:  3.5” x 2.5” (size will vary with each comb)





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